Ranch Information


The JOB’s Country operation is stationed on approximately 130 acres with Medio, KR  Bluestem, Common Bermuda and Giant Bermuda in our hay field. We maintain a pasture rotation schedule that allows each pasture to rest for at least 21 days on normal years. In January the cattle are vaccinated against disease, dewormed, dehorned, and males are castrated by band method. Our breeding season is from January through March as we try to have all calves on the ground by mid November as this is less stress on cows. The calves are weaned at approximately 6 months of age and introduced to starter ration. Our mother cows enjoy a high protein ration in their last trimester, to aid in the calf birthing process and to insure that the mineral needs are adequately supplied to both mother and calf. Mineral tubs are also available year-round. Our cattle enjoy a ration of corn, oats, alfalfa pellets, calf manna pellets, 12-12 mineral, and vitamins ADE and have free choice grass and hay.